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04 MARCH 2019


Head of Centre Italy of Indirect Channel

4 Questions For Antonio Palumbo

How has the relationship between brands and customers changed?

The brands have to take care not only to business matters but also to have a big social reputation.

How can brands become more human and approachable?

Improving their rule in building a best society.

Which digital transformation trend is most impactful?

Social reputation of the firm and the customer care tools.

What are the specific marketing and sales techniques that are working the best?

The techniques that are working well are that ones that simplify the proposal, have simple and defined costs and talk about service easy to activate.

Antonio Palumbo is at present Head of Indirect Channel of Centre Italy within the Enterprise Division of Telecom Italia. He has a long-standing career within TIM, starting in 1996 as a transmission and data specialist and subsequently before as a project and delivery manager of data and transmission network and after as an assurance manager for both the public and private network systems; in addition, he was also part of the team responsible for TIM’s expansion into the Brazilian market. In 2004, he was assigned to the Enterprise Sales Division in the role of Key Account Manager for NATO and US FORCES EMEA; he was then gradually appointed to positions with growing responsibilities until reaching the role of Head of Indirect Channel of Centre Italy for Enterprise Market.

09 JANUARY 2019


Pampers Global Brand Leader – CRM |Content Marketing | Loyalty Leader

4 Questions For Augusto MAROLLA

How has the relationship between brands and customers changed?

I believe we now live in a world of niches. Internet has been the force that transformed the world from a place of scarcity, to a place of abundance. Thanks to technology and connection, the availability of means of high quality, low cost production has increased significantly; there can be unlimited offering because there is no physical limitation for stocks, distribution and buying; and new means of communication & marketing are accessible to any advertiser, where more and more important is how effectively, efficiently and genuinely digital tools (content, social networks, micro influencers, organic brand ambassadors, etc.) are used vs. big budgets. This has enabled the spur of niche brands and products that thrive within narrow but deep communities of fans, and then grow beyond these fans into more mainstream consumers, effectively reaching a higher critical mass. So now consumers are empowered and enabled to get more specific and higher needs solved by a wider array of products and brands vs. being forced to choose among a limited, more average offer that appeals a bit to a lot of people.

How can brands become more human and approachable?

People behind the brand have to be human and approachable, be personally committed and deeply moved by what their brand solves. The only way is to recover the founder’s hunger to solve a real problem, believe it with your full body and mind, and live it in a way you really are the brand embodied. Otherwise, it will be perceived as fake, not genuine, and corporate. A very hard thing to pull off.

Which digital transformation trend is the most impactful?

For sure it will be the application of machine learning, same as electricity and internet were forces that changed everything and were not evident to people while the changes were happening. Making products, stuff, process, cognified (‘smart’) will have impacts way beyond what we understand because they will be exponential, and our minds work in linear ways. In particular smart assistants will be extremely disruptive once technology is improved and adoption really reaches a tipping point. Already 40% of US households use a voice assistant, and the power assistants will have in controlling what’s available for consumers choice set (as there is no more searching or shelf scanning) will be unprecedented.

What are the specific marketing and sales techniques that are working the best?

Broadly speaking, the technique that works is truly solving a consumer pain point in a way that is better than others. All tactical techniques are ways of delivering what will come and go, usually get harder and more competitive as more people use them (‘law of shitty clickthrough rates’), but more and more, the key is to actually solve something meaningful in a better way. The best technique then, to achieve this, is excelling at empathy.

Augusto MAROLLA has +13 years’ experience, lived in 3 countries and worked across market, regional and global roles. He’s been recognized for consistently delivering strong results and rated among P&G top performers. Augusto is now working to change Pampers from a traditional mass advertiser into a content marketing player that builds relationships with the audience through a powerful CRM, globally leading the content, website, email & loyalty app work in an end to end structure.
Hobbies: trail running, skiing and meditation

27 NOVEMBER 2018


Director 3C (Computing, Communications, and CE)
AliExpress Spain Alibaba Group

4 Questions For Rubén Bautista Tapias

How has the relationship between brands and customers changed?

More and more brands are increasingly claiming that they put customers first, or that customer is at the very centre of their strategy and operations. But, is this really true? What does those assessments truly mean and imply for a brand strategy and operation?

How can brands become more human and approachable?

The way brands interact with customers is changing fast, and traditional mass media campaigns are not the (only) answer anymore. Instead, customised and targeted social media communications are starting to be the new paradigm to interact with your target audience in an effective way, especially among the younger generations.

Which digital transformation trend is the most impactful?

In my opinion, omnichannel or O2O is the most disruptive and impactful digital transformation trend in retailing, completely changing the way customers interact with brands and do their shopping, for the first time in decades. This will bring significant changes in the sector, and a myriad of new opportunities and players.

What are the specific marketing and sales techniques that are working the best?

I have recently spotted a strong increasing interest from brands to maximise ROI of their sales & marketing investments. This implies not only having more targeted communications, but also cheaper and more creative ways of communicating with your audience, seeking the ultimate goal of generating a viral response among your specific customer base.

Rubén BAUTISTA has +7 years experience in e-commerce and retail, currently as 3C Director (Communications, Computing, and CE) in AliExpress and previously as Senior Manager in Consumer Electronics for Amazon Spain. Prior to that, Rubén also worked for 5 years in management consulting at BCG and everis, and in business development in the telecom sector. Rubén holds an MBA from Columbia Business School of New York (including a full scholarship from Fundación Ramón Areces) and a MSc in Electrical Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Rubén is consistently recognized for delivering results, his strong analytics, and his capacity for business planning and strategy definition.



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